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blue girl

January 2008

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Life isn't Fair

This is something I wrote awhile back. Just wondered what anyone thought about it. I hope you enjoy.

“Life isn’t fair.” Ava grumbled as she walked down the road in the direction of her house. She had missed the bus after school because her friend Gretchen had promised her a ride home. When she couldn’t find Gretchen after school she called her friend, only to have Gretchen say she was sorry but Corey Richards had asked her for a ride home. Ava knew that Gretchen had had a crush on Corey for a really long time and Corey was finally stating to notice. However, Ava was angry that her best friend had left her stranded for a guy. She was about to tell Gretchen this when her cell phone battery died.

Ava spent another ten minute walking around school looking for someone to give her a ride but couldn’t find any of her friends. Accepting defeat Ava had started walking, hoping maybe someone she knew would see her and offer her a ride. Surprisingly someone did.

“Hey Ava, need a ride?”

Ava froze and closed her eyes for a minute, praying for patience. Of all the people that drove down the main road in town, of all the people that could stop to pick her up, it had to be him.

Ava looked over to see Noah Tidwell leaning against the driver’s window of his black pick-up truck, watching her with sparkling blue eyes that made most women take a second look. Than again, Ava wasn’t most women.

Noah had been the bane of Ava’s existence since kindergarten. He had always been the one behind any pranks or teasing for all the girls, but he seemed to have a fondness for giving Ava a bad time, whether it was pulling her hair, spilling juice on her or teasing her about her buck teeth.

Once they got to high school the teasing lessened. It might have been because Noah was a small fish in a big pond and he spent a lot of time trying to prove himself to the upperclassmen. Although Ava had been the victim of a rather elaborate prank that made her locker smell like fish for a week.

In their junior year, Ava was paired up with Noah in chemistry. Their teacher, Mr. Knight, explained that since Ava was such a good student that she might be able to help Noah out. Ava suspected that Mr. Knight was nervous about letting Noah, a notable prankster, too near potentially explosive chemicals. Ava wasn’t pleased with her teacher about his choice in lab partner for her, but was willing to make the best of the situation.

Ava’s problem with Noah was that he always seemed to bring out the worst in Ava. He knew exactly how to push her buttons after eleven years of practice. Noah had teased that he brought out the wild Ava that the angelic side had imprisoned. The scary part was that Ava thought Noah might actually be right.

The best part of being Noah’s lab partner seemed to be the perk that Noah no longer pranked her. In fact, he started to act like they were friends. He would greet her any time he saw her in the halls, occasionally sit with her at lunch and would study with her whenever they had a test coming up in any of the classes they had together. Ave was find with this because it made work conditions in chemistry seem not so bad. Noah had been a great lab partner and Ava was pleased that he was taking it seriously.

Their partnership had been going great until Noah asked Ava to go to prom with him. At first she thought it was some sort of joke but felt bad when she realized he was serious. Kyle Creevy had already asked her and she had agreed to be his date. She felt bad when he asked her because a part of her wanted to say yes to Noah. He had become a good friend. But after being rejected that friendship  had changed and Noah became distant.


She sighed as she looked at him. She really didn’t want to get in that truck. Yet she really, really didn’t want to walk all the way home either. Why her parents wanted to live out in the country away from town was beyond her.

Ava sighed and walked around the truck and opened the door. She didn’t look at Noah as she climbed up into the truck and pulled the door shut.

“Did they let you out of detention early today?” she teased as she clicked her seatbelt into place.

Noah let out an appreciative laugh as he started driving. “Skipped it because someone told me you needed a ride.” he smirked. Ava shot him a disgusted look. “I’m just kidding, Ava. I haven’t had detention since school started.” he told her.

“Noah Tidwell, are you giving up your prankster ways?” Ava asked in a mocking tone.

Noah smiled at her and his blue eyes sparkled. “Nope. I’m just getting better at not getting caught.” he retorted.

Ava let out a big appreciative laugh. It finally struck her how much she had missed talking to Noah. They always seemed to have a friendly banter between them and Ava found that she liked teasing Noah as much as he enjoyed teasing her.

“I’ve missed this.” she blurted out and started blushing, looking out the window to avoid Noah’s gaze.

“You’ve missed what?”

Ava sighed as she continued staring out the window. “Talking to you, actually. We used to talk last year. I just realized how much I’ve missed it.” she admitted. She took a deep breath and finally looked at Noah. He was smiling and his eyes were shining in what looked like excitement.

“Do you want to go for a drive?” he asked. Ava raised an eyebrow in response. “I said I’d take you home and I will. But it’s a nice day for a drive and I’d enjoy the company.” he quickly explained himself.

Ava thought about the creative writing assignment that she hadn’t even done yet and the Spanish test she had the next day. Her head was telling her that she should go home and do her homework like a good little girl. Her heart was telling her that she had missed
Noah and that this was a perfect opportunity to hang out with him.

“I’ll take you home.” Noah said, accepting defeat at Ava’s silence. He turned onto her road.

“No, actually I’d love to go for a drive.” Ava admitted.

Noah stared at her for a minute in surprise before a smile crept across his handsome face. “Just when I thought I had you figured out, you go and surprise me.” he chuckled.

Three hours and a quick fill-up at a gas station later, Noah and Ava were sitting side by side on the tailgate of his truck, drinking cokes they had bought from the vending machine at the gas station.

“I’m glad that you decided to be spontaneous for once.” Noah teased as he looked out over the valley below the hill where they had parked.

Ava rolled her eyes at him. “I know how to be spontaneous. If I didn’t, I never would have gotten in your truck.”

Noah laughed. “You make it seem like spending time with me is so horrible. I know you had fun today.” he teased.

Ava took a drink of her coke before responding. “I did have fun. Maybe next time I’ll have more warning so I can dress appropriately.” she said as she tugged at the hem of her denim skirt.

“I think you look very nice.” he told her with a smile. “Wait. Did you say next time? As in you want to go out on another date with me?”

“You consider this a date? I thought it was just a drive?” she questioned.

“It is. But if I asked you out on a date, say maybe dinner on Saturday night, would you say yes?”

Ava gave him a suspicious look. “Did you just ask me on a date?”

Noah grinned. “No, I asked you what you would say if I were to ask you out on a date.” he corrected.

“I would probably say yes.” Ava answered.

“Probably? Than I guess I won’t ask you because I would want to know that you would probably say yes instead of probably saying no.” Noah teased. Ava chuckled.



“Do you want to go out to dinner with me on Saturday night?” Ava asked, even as she was blushing furiously.

“Being spontaneous again, I see.” he teased. Ava’s response was to shove him playfully, which made him laugh.

“I would love to take you out Saturday night.” he told her after they had both stopped laughing. Ava smiled at him as she looked into his eyes. They stared at each other for a minute before he brought his hand to caress her cheek, than pressed his lips to hers. Ava closed her eyes as their lips made contact and let herself enjoy their first kiss that was gentle and sweet.

The kiss ended and they smiled at each other. Ava felt like she was going to explode with happiness and her stomach wouldn’t stop doing flips. Ava had been kissed before but it had never felt quite like that.

Noah turned back to look out at the valley again but put his arm around her, letting his hand rest on her hip. They sat in a comfortable silence, enjoying the view they had of the valley and all the colors of the fall leaves.

The sun was beginning to set before either of them spoke. “I better get you home or your parents won’t let you go out with me Saturday.” he joked as he hopped off the tailgate. Ava sighed as she slid off the tailgate. She had been very comfortable right where she had been and wasn’t ready to go home.

She was smiling as she climbed into the truck, thinking about what everyone would think about her going out with Noah.

Noah climbed into the truck and grinned at her as he grabbed her hand and pulled her across the bench seat towards him. When she was settled right next to him, he started the truck and put it into drive before putting his arm on the seat behind her and started playing idly with a piece of her hair.

The ride home was faster than Ava had wanted and she sighed when Noah put the car in park in her driveway.

“I had fun today.” Ava wanted to reassure him as she unbuckled her seatbelt and reached for her backpack.

“Me too.” Noah responded as he smiled at her. Ava couldn’t resist and leaned towards him to give him a light kiss on the lips.

“I’ll see you in school tomorrow.” she said as she climbed out of the truck. She was about to shut the door when she heard him say her name.

His blue eyes were shining as he looked at her. “Thank you for the best day of my life.” he told her.

Unsure how to respond, Ava blushed and nodded before closing the door. She fought the urge to do a happy dance, knowing that Noah watched her go into the house before putting his truck in reverse.

Noah pulled out of Ava’s driveway and pulled his cell phone out of his pocket and called Corey’s cell phone. He smiled when Corey’s phone went to voicemail.

He waited patiently for the beep to leave his message.

“Corey, I just wanted to let you know that I’m not mad at you for ditching me for Gretchen because I got to spend this afternoon with Ava Garner. It was the best day of my life. And I even have a date with her on Saturday. Anyway, I’m coming over. I’ll see you when I get there.” he said before hanging up.

Noah chuckled as he tossed the phone into the seat next to him. If Corey heard that message before Noah could tell him what had happened he would probably think Noah was trying to prank him. Corey was the only one that knew that Noah had had a crush on Ava since freshman year. Corey was going to have a hard time believing that miss perfect, Ava Garner, would actually go out with Noah.

Noah made the turn to go to Corey’s house and smiled. He had just had the perfect day with the girl of his dreams. Life was good.

When Ava woke up the next morning the sun was already shining brightly as it rose and it looked like the beginning of a perfect day. Ava dressed carefully, wanting to look nice for Noah.

She was about to walk down the long driveway to catch the bus when she saw Gretchen’s blue Honda coming up the drive. Maybe her luck was changing if her friend was giving her a ride to school.

Ava stepped out onto the porch as Gretchen and Corey were getting out of the car. “Good morning.” Ava called out. Neither of them responded and Ava noticed that both of their expressions were solemn and Gretchen’s eyes were red.

“Ava, did you hang out with Noah yesterday after school?” Corey asked suddenly. Ava gave him a questioning look as her mind raced around the question. Corey was Noah’s best friend, wouldn’t Noah have told him?

“Yeah, we went for a drive. And we have a date on Saturday.” Ava admitted and began to worry. It hadn’t been some cruel prank that Noah had played on her, had it? The kiss they had shared had been so real, so perfect, that the thought of it being a joke angered her.

At her admission Corey looked to the sky, trying to figure out how to tell her.

“Ava, last night Noah was on his way over to my house and he got into an accident. And —. “ Corey’s voice cracked and he could feel the tears burning his eyes.

Ava’s face showed her concern. “Ohmygod! Is Noah okay?” she asked, looking at Corey, who had tears in his eyes, than to Gretchen, who was watching Ava with concern etched on her face. The truth slapped her in the face while the tears formed in her eyes. “No.” she whispered.

Gretchen’s eyes started to burn as she watched her best friend start to cry. “Noah’s gone, Ava. It was an accident. A log truck came around a corner too fast and —.” Gretchen was cut off by Ava’s sob.

“This isn’t happening. He can’t be dead.” Ava cried as the tears began to stream down her face. Gretchen looked at Corey, unsure of what to do. Her heart was breaking for Ava, who looked like her whole world was crashing down around her.

“He said yesterday was the best day of his life. Why did this happen? Why Noah?” Ava was slowly losing control and her chest felt heavy, like she couldn’t breath properly.

Corey pulled Ava toward him and hugged her to his chest. “He called me yesterday and told me it was the best day of his life. He got to spend his last hours with you and you made him so happy, Ava.” Corey told her as his tears spilled into her hair.

Ava said something that was muffled by his shirt. “What?”

She turned her head so they could hear her.

“Life isn’t fair.” Ava choked out. And neither was death.


That was really sweet, and it brings home the fact that life really isn't fair. Excellent writing.